Perpetual Income With Closed-End Funds

Learn how to create your own "annuity" step-by-step for lasting retirement income success

If the idea of building up a nest-egg only to deplete it when you retire doesn't sit well with you, you're not alone.  We don't have a crystal ball -- how can we effectively plan our retirement income when we don't know if we will need it for 5 years or 35 years?  Studies are beginning to reveal that "the 4% rule" is not very effective after all.  What are we to do?

S D Sullivan believes the answer lies in the power of perpetual income with closed-end funds.  In this course, you will learn the reasons behind this investment strategy and how it can help you in shaping in your own investing philosophy. 

Some key topics include:

  • Learning the basics – what is a closed-end fund?
  • Understanding risk
  • Dealing with market downturns
  • Why you should create your own “annuity”
  • How to set up and manage your own perpetual income portfolio
  • Why this investing mindset requires a paradigm shift from investment norms

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This course is divided into short, easy-to-read lessons for the busy student
 so you can learn the material even if you only have short snippets of time.

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Student Reviews

Sam Kunapuli

A Simply Superb Primer on Closed End Funds

I just finished this course and I am glad to write this review. The author has covered every aspect of CEFs and went above and beyond by including spreadsheets and a lot of other documents and checklists that will be immensely useful in CEF portfo...

jim donohue

Great course

I'm a newbie to CEFs so I found this course really helpful as it seems to fully cover CEF investing focusing especially on 'income generation'. I feel confident that I could carefully pick a few CEFs and make money on them. So a worthwhile course.

Sagar Suresh Srikant

Amazing course.

Louise Alexander

Great primer on CEFs

With not very much public information available on Closed-End Funds, this course helped me to learn some basics in my initial exploration of the space. I really appreciate the author putting together this information for newcomers. Highly recomm...

What's The Difference Between the e-Course and the e-Book?

This e-course contains the same material as in the e-book Perpetual Income With Closed-End Funds, which explains the reasoning behind this investment strategy. The course goes beyond the explanation by also including actionable material and additional resources not available in the book.  There are review quizzes to confirm a grasp of the material, downloadable spreadsheets, tips on how to use several online resources, a Discussion box to ask questions, and Action Steps & Checklists.  In addition, enrolled students will have free access to any changes or additions to the curriculum in the future, many of which are generated from student feedback.  Discussion, questions, and even suggestions for new modules are encouraged.  The aim of this course is to help propel students forward in their own endeavors in investing for income with closed-end funds.

Course Curriculum

What Others Are Saying About This Course:

"Definitely worth the price.  Good graphics and easy to come back to where you left off."  ~ David H

"Your overall explanation and navigation is very easy to follow!  Exceeded my expectations." ~ Jerry G

"Very helpful in my understanding of the use of closed-end funds.  Definitely worth the price." ~ Eugene C

"Exceeded my expectations.  Worth much more than what it cost." ~ Sam K

"Exceeded my expectations and was very helpful in my understanding of the use of closed-end funds. I especially liked the advice on diversification and asset allocation.  Definitely worth the price." ~ Robert G

Enroll now to learn what this investing strategy has to offer and how you can set up your own investment portfolio for perpetual income.

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What's included?

13 Quizzes
1 Survey
49 Texts
14 PDFs
S D Sullivan
S D Sullivan

About the Instructor

S D Sullivan has been a financial writer since 2010, drawing on many years of study and experience in personal money management and investing.  In 2010, Sullivan founded, a website devoted to biblical principles of money management, and began writing financial articles for the renowned investing website in 2016.  These endeavors led to writing the book Perpetual Income With Closed-End Funds and ultimately to the creation of Faithful Steward Academy.  Sullivan is married and has two grown sons and two teenage daughters, all of whom live in the Pacific Northwest.