Financial Stewardship and Investing for the Novice

Biblical Principles of Personal Money Management

If you are new to money management and investing and want to do as the faithful steward of the Bible did but don't know where to start, this is the place! Discover what it means to be faithful in all aspects of financial stewardship, from personal money management to investing, generosity, and contentment.

* This free text-only course is the same material as on my old website *

What Others Have Said 
About the Original Website Material:

"I LOVE YOUR SITE! Thank you so much for creating it!"  ~ Lyria

"Your website has caused my heart to flutter with happiness. I have been researching material in preparation for a financial planning and management workshop at my church, and I have been looking at large corps & banks financial planning sites, and God wanted me to visit FSI - It’s truly about lining up and aligning to the Word and will of Him.  Thank you for the food and the faith. God has used you in a mighty way. Stay blessed."  ~ Jeraldine

S D Sullivan
S D Sullivan

About the Instructor

S D Sullivan has been a financial writer since 2010, drawing on many years of study and experience in personal money management and investing.  In 2010, Sullivan founded, a website devoted to biblical principles of money management, and began writing financial articles for the renowned investing website in 2016.  These endeavors led to writing the book Perpetual Income With Closed-End Funds and ultimately to the creation of Faithful Steward Academy.  Sullivan is married and has two grown sons and two teenage daughters, all of whom live in the Pacific Northwest.

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